Welcome to NEWFORUM
A community of communities cultivating meaningful connections and coordination in the metaverse.
Welcome to NEWFORUM
We’re focused on bridging visionaries, creators, and new perspectives on the metaverse.
"One thing that is different in web3 for designers is needing a proactive mindset. Decision making is quicker when we work with founders on web3 projects at WE3."
— Charlota Blunárová
“In 2013, I started coding on Bitcoin. When Ethereum came, I was excited. Ethereum is developer friendly. I wanted to use this technology to create new things.”
— Simon de la Rouviere
“Web2 taught app builders that apps can have 24/7 access to your data... but our data represents an extension of us, it deserves the level of consent we extend to our bodies.”
— Evin McMullen
“What began as my side hustle became something that the whole world started to care about.”
— Dani Loftus
"The vast majority of things are more NFT than not. Money is clearly fungible, but even dollar bills could have a unique serial number."
— Matt Condon
“I’m one of the three founders of Kickstarter; we were inspired to allow creators to fund projects without a middleman’s approval."
— Yancey Strickler
"I'm into DAOs trying to make the world a better place and actually solve problems that other structures cannot solve."
— Griff Green
“We are in the middle of a digital art renaissance. It's the first time in history there is a structure, a system to actually own digital art."
— Kenny Schachter
“Ethereum and blockchains in general as open access and permissionless networks allow the onboarding of global creativity.”
— Colborn Bell
“Now a lot of the focus in web3 when it comes to building apps for consumers tends to go more on the UI/UX.”
— Jad Esber