Newforum is a research center and community podcast powered by Newcoin at the intersection of technological empowerment, creativity, and decentralization. We address the pressing issues of interoperability, ownership and network intelligence, researching on new network architectures that encode the wisdom of digital interactions.

In addition to our research, we offer a community podcast featuring interviews with key opinion leaders in this array of design spaces. We also host focus panels on emerging topics such as Transmedia Fashion and self-sovereign identity, serving as an accessible platform for discovery and education. These community engagements provide real-world insights that feed back into our research, creating a virtuous cycle of theory and practice.

We're not just theorizing about the future; we're actively building it. That's why we invite developers, system designers, and visionaries to collaborate with us. Together, we can construct the socio-economic infrastructure for a new era of pluralistic coordination and network intelligence, making Newforum a catalyst for the future of decentralized intelligence and creative empowerment.

We believe community-owned media is the heart of web3 and welcome our "community of communities" to co-create this space on our journey. Twitter dms are always open for the community. Join the discord, subscribe and submit opinion pieces.