Regina Turbina Shares Her Perspective On Digital Fashion, NFTs & Wearables In The Metaverse

July 19, 2022

On this episode of NEWFORUM, we had an incredible Founder and Fashion Designer, Regina Turbina. She is the Founder of Replicant Fashion, Co-Founder and CEO of ARTISANT, a Web3 Digital Fashion platform to create and trade Digital Fashion items.

We had an enjoyable conversation with her about, the future of Digital Fashion, NFTs, and Wearables, and how they will all co-exist in the Metaverse to enhance the human experience.

Regina received a formal education in Fashion Design and started a physical fashion brand but later discovered Digital Fashion and got hooked.

“I was inspired by The Fabricant when they sold the first Digital Fashion; Iridescence — it was big news for me and the whole industry. I started doing Digital Fashion items just for me, but suddenly other people asked me if I could create something for them because they were inspired by this technology and wanted to try on the garments to show on social media…” — Regina

Regina shared that it finally hit her that it made more sense for people to try on garments in the marketplace, where they could see different items by different designers and artists.

She decided to launch Replicant on 20th May 2020, the first Digital Fashion marketplace in the world.

How to try on digital outfits

Preview of new digital outfits

What is the vision behind Replicant?

Replicant brings fashion to the future and creates new opportunities for artists, designers, and creators.

The platform is accessible to everyone to try on a digital garment, and all designers can exhibit their works in a new digital way. Replicant offers an innovative experience of self-perception and interaction with the world and people to create opportunities for self-expression without harming the planet. Replicant believes that one of the cornerstone functions of clothing is the social one, and their image, a statement; display of your mood, interests, likes, dislikes, and self-identity in this conceptual cloud. And digital clothing goes much further there than its’ physical predecessor.

How to create your own avatar on Replicant

Regina shared more about Replicant Fashion, a past project which used AR technology, and others in her interview. She also mentioned that once she discovered Blockchain technology and the concept of Data Ownership for creators, she was inspired to transition to Web3.

“I was inspired by Blockchain because it gives the opportunity of ownership to our Digital Fashion garments and led to me starting ARTISANT…” — Regina

How does ARTISANT differ from Replicant?

ARTISANT is a Digital Fashion platform with two main directions right now:

  • As an open marketplace where designers, and artists can mint only Digital Fashion NFTs and sell them, collectors can also buy NFTs and see NFTs from other designers.
  • Curator drops; ARTISANT launched a drop with Puma a few months ago. It was a collaboration between Regina and Puma, part of Decentraland Metaverse fashion week. ARTISANT built their pop-up shop.

Regina shared that it was an enjoyable experience for their community. She also mentioned that they are now working with Pixelord, a Crypto native artist who creates NFTs about Crypto culture and many other exciting projects in the pipeline.

“ARTISANT is a Creator Economy platform, and our designers can mint NFTs on ARTISANT and sell them. We already have ratings with designers who sold more items than others. It’s so cool when artists, designers, and creators can produce beautiful value and sell it and interact with their customers, interact with other people around the world, and I am so happy we live in Blockchain time…” — Regina

Regina shared more about their exciting projects and collaborations coming out of ARTISANT in her interview on NEWFORUM.

Regina also explained wearable technology and discussed the target market for wearable technology, how this market is growing, and the difference between Digital Fashion and wearable technology.

She talked about the impact of Digital Fashion and her views on the possibility of trading physical clothes for digital ones could persuade shoppers to Web3. We also dived into the onboarding challenges with Digital Fashion and the hurdles she had to overcome on her journey.

Digital Fashion and the Metaverse share a strong connection, so we can’t talk about one and not the other. Regina defined how she perceives the Metaverse in the line of her work, discussing NFTs, the Metaverse, and their role in disrupting the Creator Economy.

“It’s an early stage topic because we now have a few platforms to try on garments on our avatars and use the avatars in the Metaverse; the most popular are Decentraland and Sandbox and Ready Player Me and Spatial VR chat. There aren’t so many, but I think soon we’ll have one big Metaverse, and we will interact with each other in this Metaverse, but now we can try different platforms to understand how people will interact with digital clothes…” — Regina

The episode concluded, discussing the concept of Phygital and if this could be the approach to a more sustainable Fashion Industry.

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“I was inspired by Blockchain because it gives the opportunity of ownership to our Digital Fashion garments and led to me starting ARTISANT…”