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The Identity Hackathon ✳️ hosted online by NEWFORUM, with our partners Newcoin, Jokerace, 1kx, Lit Protocol,, Ceramic,, Sismo, Gitcoin, Intuition, Orbis, Cyberconnect, and Ethereum Attestation Service offering unique support and prizes for the pioneers and builders creatively using the new web3 identity stack. More than $250,000 in prizes, tokens and bounties !!!

Who is it for?

Any product or platform can benefit from sybil resistance and overall better qualitative discernment of network participation: from web3 to social media to AI platforms. You can start from scratch or add a feature to an existing product, as long as it fits the scope of the challenge.

How does it work?

You have until the 17th of October to present your project. It can be a simple pitch, a powerpoint presentation, an integration to an existing product or a bespoke development. It will be reviewed and voted on by the judge panel on October 17th and compete for the grand prize: The winner will receive $5,000 in USDC + $25,000 in NCO future tokens the five next contestants will EACH receive $1,000 in USDC + $5,000 in NCO future tokens. The deliberation will happen on Jokerace, each vote recorded onchain, giving you a reputational boost that will last forever on your wallet.

You can additionally and cumulatively apply for bounties and claim some of the $200,000 in NCO future tokens and long-term business opportunities with our network of startups, investors and partners.

This is more than a hackathon. It's a global movement towards a more intelligent, creative and decentralized internet and moving into the next big wave for web3 with long term value ⚡️
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$250,000 in cash and tokens to engineer

the next wave of crypto networks
The bucket will grow as more partners are joining forces!
Credentials Normalization Pipelines
Build tools to authenticate signals from Web2 and blockchain data histories and normalize them into onchain Soulbound Tokens and offchain Verifiable Credentials.
Value and Encode Social Capital Across Networks
Tap into the vast expanse of data signals and point at what matters: Holding a special NFT? Receiving a like from Vitalik on Twitter? 1000 stars on your GitHub project?
Craft Intelligent Algorithmic Scores to Compute Credentials
Build privacy-preserving algorithms to compute credentials and generate identity proxies measuring personhood, creativity and trustworthiness for decentralized identifiers.
Explore Challenge Details
Explore Challenge Details
David Sneider
Sofiane Delloue
Richard Muirhead
Rebecca Liao
IdentityWoman Kaliya Young
Saffron Huang
Chase Chapman
Joe Gerber
Nichanan Kesonpat
Scott Moore
Evin McMullen
Danny Zuckerman
Hadrien Charlanes
Puja Ohlhaver
Identity = Values + Proof-of-Creativity.
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