What Is The Value of Digital Fashion, NFTs And Decentralization? Answered by Nirmala Shome

February 26, 2022

Nirmala Shome, Head of Community at The Fabricant, graced NEWFORUM with her expertise in Web3 and how Digital Fashion impacts the Fashion Industry! In her past Web2 life, she worked on product innovation teams at Spotify, Google Creative Lab, Xbox, Nike, Samsung, Apple, and more to deliver consumer-facing solutions for emerging tech. She spends time now thinking about Web3 ecology and ways to steward the new equitable economy.

Nirmala’s journey falling down the rabbit hole was in two parts. She had a baby and had to take some time off the space. When she returned, she was surprised at how much had changed. The NEWFORUM Community plays catch up all the time in this ever-evolving space we love, but there’s no other way than to do it with your community which makes it fun and rewarding!

“What I find interesting about Web3 community is that it’s about where we are at right now and what we are focused on-building, the infrastructure for the community, how your community connects- because ultimately the value of your community is the sum of your communities many to many connections..” — Nirmala

It seems Nirmala made that final transition when she joined The Fabricant in 2020. She has worked across product and production and now heading up the Community pillar to focus on The Fabricant’s mission to grow and nurture the new digital-only fashion ecosystem.

“When I joined the company, it was still working on creating digital fashion items, but kind of more as a service house. Working with brands, helping brands figure out how to do their production, prototyping process in 3D rather than the physical because of the extreme, costs associated inefficiencies with physical prototyping in the fashion industry…” — Nirmala

Watch the episode to hear Nirmala express her passion for her role at The Fabricant as she shares more information on their projects. She also gave tips on how to get involved in their community and other communities in Web3 as a designer!

The NewForum Community looks at Digital Technologies as part of the solution. Digital Fashion and Blockchain Technologies, to name a few, enhance transparency, diversity, and inclusivity in the the Fashion Industry.

Nirmala dived into one of the crucial topics in Web3- Decentralization.

“The only way decentralization of the community works is if there is centralization of a shared vision and story because all these people come to you for that same vision and story…” — Nirmala

Nirmala believes that this concept of decentralization governs everyone in the community.

“ It the sense that they are all working towards the same shared vision, so what is the shared vision? and how do you communicate, how do you get people to engage…” — Nirmala

She expands this concept in-depth in her full episode and makes it easily digestible, even touched on community wallets, social tokens, and how to reward meaningful behaviors within a community.

NEWFORUM Community is very passionate about education. We asked Nirmala what she thought of Web3’s potential to disrupt the education systems/curriculum as we know it, to ensure students studying towards creative carriers are aware of the fast-changing technology and ecosystems within Web3.

“For a curriculum to change, it takes so long for things to get approved, but I think the education industry is going to get some serious upheaval because that’s the other cool thing about Web3- you see so many of these online Web3 learning tools now, that are all on the chain that creates these ways to learn…” — Nirmala.

Enjoy the full episode! Hear her talk about Web3, Social3, Digital Fashion and the Value Decentralized brings to the Creator Economy and the world!

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“The only way decentralization of the community works is if there is centralization of a shared vision and story because all these people come to you for that same vision and story…”