Jay Discusses The Potential Of Social Tokens & The Metaverse Impact On The Creator Economy

April 7, 2022

Jay is a Digital Artist and Community instigator at Forefront and MetaFactory. He is interested in System Art and the Op-Art movement of the 60s. His goal as an Artist is to keep examining and pushing the concept of waves and interference. His works are the result of this inquiry. We were elated to have Jay join us in a fun, chilled creator-centric episode of NEWFORUM.

Jay shared that he was the weird little art kid in high school. He studied art for two years in college but later dropped out to pursue his passion for climbing for five years. In 2018, he visited friends in New York City and realized that there was more to life than his obsession with climbing.

“The obsession has switched back to art, and I’ve just been doing that as a very serious hobby in a way…” — Jay

Once back into art, his curiosity for art led him to Web3. He recalled listening to a podcast with Sarah Friend, an Artist specializing in Blockchain and the p2p web. Jay shared that she was talking about a Blockchain project that she made about this conceptualized kind of experiment with both money and social dynamics.

Jay hinted that this may have planted the Blockchain seed in his mind. Because a few years later, while loosely tracking similar ideas and Artists, a friend of his who was involved in investing gave him a deep dive into the space. Perhaps this was the moment it all made sense. Jay explained that he was still working as a carpenter for about a year at the time, while educating himself about the space and soon after began working in Web3.

When it comes to falling down the Web3 rabbit hole, we enjoy hearing transition stories highlighting that one friend or partner who gave us a helping hand.

Watch the full interview to hear the rest of Jay’s Web3 story!

As the Community Instigator at MetaFactory, we wanted to hear his perspective on the full capability of the Metaverse and how Artists of the future will use the Metaverse to learn, create and exchange.

Jay described MetaFactory as a Web3 fashion research collective with people with various rich backgrounds; incredible Metaverse builders, highly skilled high-end Fashion Designers, and incredible Developers.

The idea behind MetaFactory was to start a Decentralized and DAO-run clothing company that quickly developed into a multifaceted kind of container with all these different people.

MetaFactory currently specializes in making apparel for a diverse group of Crypto natives.

Jay shared more about MetaFactory’s vision in the context of culture, their concept with phygital, sustainable choices with their production process, and the role of the Metaverse in his full interview!

“Everything is open-source philosophy; build in the open, and together. One of the components that make MetaFactory unique is everything that we’ve made also has an NFT wearable, so again connecting digital to physical is key…” — Jay

What are tokenized Communities? We asked Jay to share his views on the future of utility and Social Tokens?

Jay shared that both Forefront and MetaFactory have Social Tokens. He pointed out that the idea of NFTs as a Social Token is a fascinating conversation happening now.

“Because you don’t have to worry about some of the problems with liquidity and things that Creators shouldn’t have to worry about-Social Tokens is a way to center Community around this kind of mechanism of value that everyone seems to agree with…” — Jay

He continued the conversation about Social Tokens, adding that it’s a great way to signify support for any projects you are in and align yourself and connect with others who either share the vision or want to get involved; it allows multiple ways of participation.

Jay and the NewForum hosts discussed the topic of Social Tokens and how it gives Creators freedom to collaborate on various projects, invest in projects they are passionate about, and the sense of Ownership. Jay elaborated on Ownership and Collaboration in the context of Social Tokens in his full interview.

Web3 is global, with digitized tools that are relatively new and accessible, we often wonder if the worldwide Art scene will move from Local ( Paris, London, New York ) to a more well-rounded experience. The NewForum hosts and Jay shared their perspectives in this episode of NewForum.

Jay admitted that he is a sucker for going to galleries and finding a Community. He doesn’t believe that he needs to have the digital skills to translate his work and still creates using traditional materials such as canvas and boards when creating art.

I would love to see more ways to utilize Web3 tools and mechanisms to support artists who maybe don’t operate digitally but are still trying to find the network or the community…” — Jay

Jay hopes that we don’t move more to just digital. He hopes it’s more of figuring out better ways to connect the two ( physical and digital) and then utilizing the power of being global to help build out the local Artist or local Communities to connect ideas.

“I hope we move forward toward leaning into the digital side, but by leaning into it, we find more ways to connect it to the physical and the present, but maybe that’s kind of like this dreamer mentality…” — Jay

We continued discussing how much a balance between a physical and digital Web3 could look like in the future and what could be necessary for Web3 to create better experiences for Creators and Artists, all in this fun and chill episode of NewForum.

Watch the full episode with Jay, a super Creator himself, talk about his role at ForeFront and MetaFactory, and how he discovered Web3. Jay turned all focus on the Creator Economy and how Social Tokens and the potential of a fully realized Metaverse can impact Artists when it comes to education, collaboration, creating, and exchange.

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"I would love to see more ways to utilize Web3 tools and mechanisms to support artists who maybe don't operate digitally but are still trying to find the network or the community…"