Summer 2023 is here! We are excited to announce our Summer Season & Community Partners. Find many Forums, Events & our September Hackathon!
As crypto matures into a new, decentralised and bottom-up form of institutional framework, a key ingredient emerges as a necessity: identity. The concept of self-sovereign identity has been around for 20 years and it is only now that the digitally native crypto-networks are finding an urgent need for it. Both DeFi summer and NFT summer had a notion of high dopamine, excitement and get-rich quick schemes, that were inherited from the previous cycle of ICOs.

The question is now: can there be a bull market without casino-like trading platforms? The answer is YES and we are entering a new phase of sustainable value creation where we will have to progressively build our identity and reputation digitally in order to access exposure to financial upsides. From Verifiable Credentials and SoulBound Tokens, to algorithmic identity proxies, quests and contests, the new game is about earning by adding long term value in a gamified and creative way. NEWFORUM is covering top builders and communities committed to this vision with our Identity Summer! Who’s in?
Weekly Forums & Workshops for invited members to our online FORUMs. Founders, investors, builders and creators across our community and partners. Exclusive research insights.
From EthCC to Portugal, to Berlin, to NYC. Find NEWFORUM and our community partners around the world this summer! NEWFORUM runs our own community events, and supports as a media partner.
September online Hackathon for builders! With partners, we are launching a prize pool for builders to our featured challenges! Build with top tools from web3’s identity stack. Demo day 30th Sep!
NEWFORUM gathers and interviews visionaries, creators and builders of the new internet to coordinate through research, and conversations for action. We practice top coordination and space-making methodologies to help connect innovators in meaningful ways. Join our Forums for cutting-edge content on the development of web3 and AI, jump into workshops to learn more with our partners, meet us IRL at our community events, and join us in September to hack meaningful solutions to building identity in the new web. From Proof-of-Creativity, ZKproofs, and mechanism design, to UX, we have a summer of builder energy for you to join!

To roll up our season, from 1st September, NEWFORUM is hosting an online Identity Hackathon for builders globally! Register now for early announcements about our Hackathon partners, challenges and prizes!