Emerging Talent From Ghana Shares His Transition Journey in Web3

February 15, 2022

Dela Anyah is a contemporary artist and author who lives and works in Accra, Ghana. A resident of the busiest city in Ghana, Accra. His art possesses the power to shed light on the by-product of the lack of waste management in Accra. Dela uses the process of recycling and up cycling debris or discarded materials to tackle various societal and environmental issues that generate thought-provoking conversations among his viewers through paintings, sculptures, and wearable art.

“ I try to tackle some of the social issues I was seeing in society, the rubbish being one of them. I’ve tackled abuse as well, and using my art as a way of speaking to people. I like to call it beauty from chaos, like creating beauty out of chaotic things, and letting it speak life into either people going through chaotic situations or just speaking life into people. The work should uplift people when they see it, and they shouldn’t see the rubbish or debris…” — Dela

Dela joined our community in 2021 and has been a supportive and valued member ever since! Inspired by Newlife App and learning about blockchain and the Newcoin protocol, Dela decided to get back to making valuable NFT digital art. Dela is currently preparing a unique digital art series that he says will launch on the Newlife.IO App soon! The NewForum team is excited to see the innovation and the diversity he brings to the NFT market and web3!

In this NEWFORUM episode, Dela shares his distinct journey as a contemporary Ghanaian artist passionate about sustainability transitioning from web2 to webs3 culture and the hurdles he faces with the onboarding process.

Enjoy the full conversation!

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“My experience so far with NFTs: I downloaded some Apps a while back and tried to follow these online tutorials that got me nowhere for two reasons, one was that the account had to be opened in certain countries and I didn’t see my country on the list…”