Hadeeart, Digital Fashion Designer From Nigeria Explains The Power Of Decentralization & Web3

February 28, 2022

The NEWFORUM Community was super excited and honored to have Hadeeart, a digital Fashion Designer from Nigeria with a background in textile design. She creates beautiful digital fashion pieces inspired by African content and moving towards Afro-futurism. She loves to follow her curiosity by combining unusual sources of inspiration that naturally grow into more advanced & distinctive concepts to transform, translate and transfer skills in different digital software that inspires her to innovate new art forms.

When Hadeeart graduated from school, she answered one question that transformed her creative career path.

“I ask myself, what will I do after I graduate as a Textile Artist? Because in Nigeria we have just one and a half Textile Industry that is functioning…and so how do we get jobs?”-Hadeeart

Hadeeart is a self-taught digital fashion designer like many other digital fashion designers and illustrators in Web3, but this young lady’s resourcefulness amid all odds will blow your mind! Her story won the hearts of the NewForum Community. Hadeeart persevered to achieve her dreams against the odds, and we love that Web3 culture has a crucial role to play in it!
We consider her one of the pioneers of Digital Fashion Design from an emerging market. Hear more about Hadeeart’s story and move to Web3 in her full interview.

“But now with decentralization, I don’t have to worry about who likes my piece or who does not like it because it’s going far and wide, and definitely somebody somewhere would…it’s freedom of creativity- you don’t have to consider anybody, you only have to do what is within you…” — Hadeeart

Àwèlé — The Black Future by Hadeeart

Hadeeart considers lazy when it comes to social media culture and demands. We had a good laugh during her interview hearing her say that.
Hadeeart explains that she believes she doesn't know how to use social media to her benefit, and perhaps it’s because it’s not something she enjoys so much. One advantage she shares was when she stumbled upon The Fabricant’s account and got hooked and inspired by everything their work. She contacted Kerry, Founder, about an internship opportunity with The Fabricant. Although she didn’t get the position, she received a ton of support and encouragement she kept gushing about that opened one community to the other in Web3 Space.

Hadeearts is fully immersed in Web3 as it allows a diverse group of creators to explore with little to no limitations, giving access to a wide array of audiences drawing value-centric attention to your work.

“Decentralization will bring more money, more ways to communicate, and more ways to gain skills…”-Hadeeart

Reclaiming Tradition by Hadeeart

Hadeeart is excited and looking forward to a decentralized Metaverse and how it will impact her work as a Digital Fashion Designer and her society.

“We have already started experiencing the Metaverse but not in its full and blown features because everything is getting decentralized already and we can share things even as of now…” — Hadeeart

Welcome to her reality — the intersection between Technology, Art, Fashion, and Games and how Web3 has transformed her world. Watch her full episode to hear her story as an emerging talent from Nigeria, her perspective on the metaverse, and the role Web3 has played in her creative career path!

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"But now with decentralization, I don't have to worry about who likes my piece or who does not like it because it's going far and wide, and definitely somebody somewhere would…it's freedom of creativity- you don't have to consider anybody, you only have to do what is within you…"