Insights From A Metaverse Strategist, Diego Borgo

November 29, 2022

We enjoyed this vibrant episode with Diego Borgo, a Metaverse and NFT Strategist and advisor plus web3 ambassador helping Fortune 500 brands enter the Metaverse & NFT space. Diego's mission is to help mainstream the adoption of Blockchain and NFT technology. He aims to achieve that by doing the following things:

  • Advising Fortune 500 brands and helping them enter the space in the right way.
  • Consulting on Metaverse & NFT native projects and being a member of advisory boards.
  • Mass educator through conference keynotes, workshops, and on-demand content.

As a brand & marketing Strategist in the NFT & Metaverse space, Diego's last work was helping Adidas bring "Into the Metaverse" to life and assisting Salesforce in launching their NFT Cloud successfully.

In this episode, we talked with Diego about his work as a Metaverse & NFT Strategist, what this role entails, his experience, insights, and learnings, and working with Brands like Adidas to enter the Metaverse.

We also discussed how creators would adapt Web3 models for their business. Whether or not Web3 native brands have more advantage over traditional brands in the Metaverse and why? Diego also defined real estate in the Metaverse and projects that he believes are winning in the Metaverse.

"One of the things that shows me that we are still early is how much we are not thinking out of the box and replicating precisely the same models from the real world, from the offline world in the digital world..." - Diego

Finally, we dived into what the future of the Metaverse will look like; one or multiple Metaverses? and more with the bright Diego on this episode of NEWFORUM.

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It's more about education. The majority of people don't know and don't fully grasp what's happening, and the initial conversations I have with the majority of the brands I engage with go like, "can you come and give us a little bit of what you've seen or what you've experienced or what you've done and what that could potentially mean to us, right usually our engagement starts like that, and then we start diving deep into the misconceptions, into the potential, the possibilities..."