A Beautiful Web: Meaning Making In Action | Jordan Hall | Ellie Hain | Joe Edelman

May 25, 2023

This forum explores the metacrisis and meaning making within web3, AI and society, focusing on practical actions we can take to thrive.

Our esteemed panelists include:

Jordan Hall - Co-Founder of Civium Project, Lawyer
Ellie Hain -  Artist, Researcher and Cultural Strategist
Joe Edelman - Philosopher, Sociologist and Designer

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and with it comes new opportunities and challenges for individuals and communities. As we increasingly turn to online spaces for communication, collaboration, and learning, it becomes essential to understand how we can make sense of the vast amounts of information available to us, how we can grow collectively, and how we can find meaning in our digital interactions.Our esteemed speakers help us explore the topics of sensemaking, collective growth, and meaning making online: discussing the ways in which individuals and communities can navigate the digital landscape to find connections, build relationships, and deepen understanding.

We also touched on how we can foster collective growth and engage in meaningful conversations online, while navigating the potential pitfalls of echo chambers, disinformation, and polarization. Meaning Making in Action!

Jordan, Ellie and Joe shared their insights on concrete actions we can take today with the help of collective alignment with tools such as AI, Web3 Tools, Collective Real Estate, Governance, mechanism design  and quadratic funding to thrive as ‘humans’!

This forum is a must watch 🔥

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"There is an older language in the psychology literature that utilizes terms like identity and self. The relationship between identity and identity inherently contains conflict, while the relationship between self and self carries a different essence. Ellie discusses a technique that allows individuals, who are often entrenched in their identity constructs, to orient themselves towards their self and engage in relationships with others from a self-oriented perspective. Joe, along with my friend Forrest Landry, emphasizes this point, highlighting the metaphysical argument about the nature of reality. Goals, objectives, and purposes are inherently competitive, while values exhibit non-competitive or even anti-competitive characteristics..."