Web3 Economics: Maximising Value With Meme Coins And Play-To-Earn | Mohamed Ezeldin

March 30, 2023

We were honored to have Mohamed Ezeldin, Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands, in an episode of NEWFORUM. Mohamed has had a fascinating journey into the crypto world and tokenomics.

His interest in the field began when he got introduced to the Bitcoin white paper in 2017. After investing in ICOs and experiencing losses, he realized the lack of development in tokenomics science and went down the tokenomics rabbit hole in 2018. Before joining the crypto world, Mohamed was a high school math teacher for ten years and holds two degrees in mathematics. Mohamed believes networking is crucial in the industry, but it took a recruiter friend who noticed his advisory tokenomics work to land his current role.

In this episode, Mohamed shares his insights on the current state of web3, best practices for economics, meme coins, play-to-earn, and more 🔥

Topics discussed include:

How Mohamed became head of tokenomics?

The evolution of tokenomics

How do you look at network effects?

Digital ownership of digital assets

The biggest challenge in any DAO

How to build a reputation score

The pros and cons of Axie infinity model

Sustainability and entertainment value

What does Mohamed enjoy doing outside of crypto?

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