Nansen's Martin Lee Shares Views on Blockchain Innovation, Data and AI

June 30, 2023
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Martin Lee, previously Data Journalist at Nansen, and currently Content and Community Lead at Nansen joined Salimi in this episode to discuss his journey into the world of crypto, his role at Nansen, and his thoughts on decentralized graphs, data reputation, composability, and credentials. Martin shares his experiences, views, and valuable insights gained from working in the crypto industry and much more!

Topics discussed include:

How Martin got into crypto
Lessons learned about the space
Product Market Fit vs. UI/UX
Reimagining Credentials in web3
Nansen's Vision and Mission
How to break into the blockchain space
Why crypto is viewed as an investable asset, not a tech-focused asset.
The limitations of NFTs on-chain
AI assisting creators
Ethical and ethics of data privacy
The benefits of a blockchain based platform
Advice for new to crypto investing

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