Exploring BuidlGuidl and SPEEDRUNETHEREUM with Austin Griffith the Builder

July 12, 2023
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Austin Griffith, a notable figure in the Ethereum community joined us in this episode of NEWFORUM to discuss his work in the Ethereum ecosystem and share his perspectives on developer onboarding, tooling, and education. As an advocate for making Ethereum accessible to technically sound individuals, Griffin has been actively involved in the BuidlGuidl and has developed a curriculum and incentivization framework known as Speed Run Ethereum.

Austin's insights provide valuable perspectives on Ethereum development, developer onboarding, and community building. His efforts in creating resources like "Speed Run Ethereum" and his involvement in the BuidlGuidl demonstrate his commitment to making Ethereum more accessible and fostering an inclusive and vibrant developer community. With his focus on tooling, education, and governance, Griffith's work contributes to the ongoing growth and innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Topics discussed include:

Onboarding process and most recent build

Decision making and governance within the BuidlGuidl

The gender ratio in the BuidlGuidl

Identity on an off-chain and civil resistance

Eth Denver experience and bringing BuidlGuidl together

Excited about the future of Ethereum

Upcoming projects for the BuidlGuidl and Speedrun Ethereum

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