Coordinating The New Economy: Insights From Yancey Strickler And Scott Moore

May 4, 2023

Our kick-off Open Forum hosted by NEWFORUM and Newfoundation featured Yancey Strickler, Co-founder of Metalabel, former co-founder of Kickstarter, co-founder of the Creative Independent, and author of “This Could Be Our Future”, as well as Scott Moore, Co-founder of Gitcoin and Kernel, steward @ensdomains @seedclubhq @pleasrdao, as speakers.

During the forum, the speakers explored new emerging economic ideologies that impacted society, development, and the creative economy. They discussed Metalabel & Gitcoin's recent collaboration and drop, specifically their shared collection, its meaning, and the wider implications of their work in developing new economic paradigms related to collaboration and the creation and curation of value.

The discussion delved into how Liberal Radicalism and Quadratic Funding contributed to key ideological and practical solutions to building layers of coordination in the new economy that emerged with the continued development in web3. Key variables in value coordination, such as public goods, curation mechanisms, verifiable credentials, and smart sybil resistance, were also covered, along with the implications of new coordination mechanisms in the evolving creative economy that underwent dynamic shifts in a trend towards collaboration and interdependence.

The forum concluded with drawing conclusions on the state of meta-modern ideologies in web3 and providing insight into the remaining gaps for research and development in contributing fields of innovation.

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