Web3 Culture, DAO Coordination & How To Build Design Products For Your Community

April 1, 2022

We were super happy to have Katy Atherholt on this episode of NEWFORUM. Katy is a Designer, Podcast Host, and Founder of Who is Moss and Seam. She is also part of the Friend With Benefits Community. She loves matcha, surfing, and baked goods. We enjoyed chatting with Katy about Web 3.0 culture, her experiences within the space, and how she is building products with her community.

Katy has been a Designer for about five years. She studied Communications in school and then learned to code. She intended to become a Developer and started to code.

“I did some front-end development, and I thought, wait, I care way more about how it looks and how it feels than making it as fast as possible; I don’t care if it’s fast, which made me kind of a bad Developer, so I got into Product Design.” — Katy

Katy started working as a Product Designer at a startup that did Communication between families and healthcare providers. The startup focused on vulnerable populations; the elderly who suffered from dementia and other such situations.

Katy was designing for people who don’t interface with technology comfortably- a fun but challenging Design problem to solve she said.

Katy was motivated to take on this challenge and found herself stuck in Design.

We asked Katy about what makes her want to work in Web3 when she gets up in the morning.

Katy told us that her experience going down the rabbit hole has been fascinating as it went through a kind of evolution.

“Initially, when I started to get involved, it was in small doses and different Communities; different Bounty Opportunities. If you think about different onboarding ramps, I’m definitely the Bounty Hunter type where I was like, ooh, I could get some Tokens, and then I exchanged those Tokens for Eth., and then I got other things and then bought NFTs…” — Katy

Katy learned so much about Web3 as the next step from Community-Oriented Bounties. She expressed that she enjoys the idea that people can discover the space in small increments and not have to jump in all the way.

“I love the discovery process; I love that it feels like there’s another Community around the corner that’s fun and aligns with my values and my goals in some way, and it just feels like you’re in a video game or something, and there’s a whole map to discover, and I’ve discovered thirty percent of it still; even though I’ve been around for a little while, so that’s what gets me up for sure.” — Katy

We were curious to know Katy’s thoughts on the main differences between Web2 and Web3 socials.

“What I love about Web3 and Web3 social is that it’s being created as we speak, and so we have a lot of influence, way more than we ever did, and that’s actually the main thing I love…” — Katy

Watch her full episode to hear Katy discuss the main differences between Web3; community-oriented and Web2- the attention economy and how it impacts our mental health.

After discussing the differences between Web3 and Web2 socials, it was natural for the conversation to transition into the DAO side of things.

Katy openly shared her experiences with DAOs and Communities she is a part of and why she joined them in her full interview. There is nothing better than a recommendation by word of mouth; to learn more about DAOs and Communities in Web3.

Katy is the co-founder of Who is Moss, and she explained the powerful and captivating mission, vision, and goals in-depth in her interview.
Who is Moss is a startup passionate about Women’s Health; you will enjoy watching and listening to Katy if you are equally passionate about this topic that needs much improvement. We even discussed the potential of the Metaverse bridging this gap in Women’s Health. On the other hand, Seam is a startup on its way to becoming a social media with Web3 principles and ethos. Katy shared the exciting experience of how she met her co-founder and how the exciting collaborations began.

Katy is the first guest to ask NewForum Hosts Salimi and Joyce a question about where they see themselves as either more Web2 or Web3. This question brought about a moment of laughter for all three of them. Watch the full episode to hear Salimi and Joyce’s transparent and insightful answers.

Katy was quite pleased with the NEWFORUM Host’s answers.

“Web3 does feel like there’s this common ethos, this common sort of purpose and ideal passion that is helpful in starting to share authentically…” — Katy

Don’t miss this insightful and fun episode with Katy bringing all her positive vibe and energy to NewForum.

The hosts enjoyed hearing Katy talk about her experience and process with building products with and for her community, her favorite DAOs and Communities in Web3, and her tips on coordinating efficiently within a DAO. She also touched a bit on problems people run into when coordinating DAOs. Finally, we discussed her experience with the Launchouse concept and wanted to know if she found the model fitting for Web3 culture.

“What do I love about this space, and what gets me up in the morning? It’s like; I’m getting up, and I’m getting on a phone call from another Web3 social founder saying- hey, what can I do to help? how can we work together and that’s hugely motivating…” — Katy

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"Web3 does feel like there's this common ethos, this common sort of purpose and ideal passion that is helpful in starting to share authentically…"