Web3 Communities: Token Models, Relevance Of DAOs & NFTs In The Creator Economy

November 15, 2022

Kinjal Shah and David Phelps joined us on a delightful episode of NEWFORUM. Kinjal is a Senior Associate at Blockchain Capital and a contributor at ecodao, Komorebi Collective, and desfemmes. David is also publicly known for being the Co-creator of jokedao and ecodao. He is also an investor at Crowdfund. We had an intriguing conversation about Token Gated Communities, Token Models, DAOs, and Collective Financing!

Kinjal shared her Crypto journey into finance at Blockchain Capital. David and Kinjal both have investor backgrounds and, at the same time, are  DAO creators and contributors. They shared the pros and cons. We also discussed the new ways of investment and how we pull capital together in Web3.David talked about Token Models and why he believes Inflationary Tokens are most suitable for DAOs. Our brilliant guests also share the pros and cons of DAOs vs. companies.  Kinjal also gave us an insight into her favorite projects; passion for Investments for Female/Non-binary Founders

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"Tokens have proven that they're effective at bootstrapping early days. They've not proven to be effective at not only retaining but evolving with their community. Oftentimes with DAOs, there is no endpoint, so at what point does it not make sense anymore to hold the token, oftentimes that's when they stop incentivizing you by effectively paying you with token incentives, and so we need more than that, whether that's relationship-building or other types of utility in a DAO, you just need more than the token I'd say."