Defining Transmedia Fashion With Sofiane Delloue, Tony Wang, And Sam Walker

May 11, 2023

Defining Transmedia Fashion is an open forum discussion that attempts to unravel the complex intersection of fashion and technology in today's world.The Transmedia Fashion O.R.G by Newfoundation is a curated network of critical thinkers and creators co-developing research, content and opportunities for creative communities. In collaboration with NEWFORUM research to enable meaningful insights in web3 emerge for its creators.

The group aims to push forward the conversation about contemporary fashion and value in the new era of the internet.

Our esteemed speakers include:

Tony Wang, Founder and Strategy Consultant at Office of Applied Strategy, with clients such as Prada, Sequoia Capital, Netflix, Nike, Valentino, Versace, Virgil Abloh,
Ariana Grande, Arca, Diageo Farfetch, and Miu Miu. Former Director @ 032c.

Sam Walker — Immersive Media Creator, VR/AR, 3D animation, Unreal Engine, real-time motion capture, has worked for TELFAR & Composite, Valentino, Balenciaga SS19, Gucci, Swarovski, and Kaleidoscope Magazine.

Sofiane Delloue — Founder and Architect at Newfoundation and Newlife.IO, backed by NVIDIA AI, OpenAI, and Farfetch.Join us as we explore the intricate ways in which the new layers of the internet, such as web3, the metaverse, gaming, and meme culture, combine with social media machinery and its communities.

We'll examine how these cultural forces influence fashion's storytelling and vice versa, through critical perspectives.Drop your questions in the chat and be a part of this fascinating discussion on Transmedia Fashion🔥

Join the community to learn more about our guests and discover other founders and visionaries in the web3 community!

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