A Smart, Decentralised Identity Proxy: the New Algorithm

December 13, 2023

Join Newcoin, one of NEWFORUM Identity Hackathon esteemed partner's in this deep dive session with Sofiane Delloue, Founder of Newcoin.org, on how machine learning enhances the web3 experience with WATTs and the New Algorithm!⚡

Today the internet is either smart or decentralised. Because crypto computation is heavy, it is difficult to both compute and decentralise. Meanwhile, machine learning enhanced curation and Sybil resistance is becoming exponentially powerful at attracting and retaining users.

We will cover how ML can work with self sovereign identity, protecting users privacy while delivering value and keeping everything decentralised 🌸 and offer support for builders in this space.

We will be joined by...

Luke Annison from @newcoin_nco covering the convergence of the identity tools with technical examples across our partners' stacks Gitcoin, Jokerace, LitProtocol, Intuition, Ceramic, Disco, Sismo, Ethereum Attestation Service, CyberConnect, Orbis and Guildxyz

Majac.eth from @ceramicnetwork covering the opportunities for builders with @ComposeDB, @newcoin_nco, and @eas_eth

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