Art in the Age of AI: Exploring Botto with Simon Hudson

February 5, 2024

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing world of Botto, a groundbreaking project at the nexus of art and technology. We had the privilege of hosting Simon Hudson, a pivotal figure in the Botto project, to illuminate this avant-garde artistic endeavor.

Botto distinguishes itself as a decentralized and autonomous entity, propelled by a community devoted to democratic governance.Simon Hudson, known for his dedication to science communication, imparts his extensive knowledge on emerging technologies and the captivating field of human-machine collaboration.

We journey to the heart of the Botto project, dissecting the nuances of this unique artistic undertaking. Throughout the episode, we explore Simon's insightful perspectives on the advantages and obstacles of partnering with machines, and contemplate the future role of AI in the sphere of creativity.

This episode is for anyone intrigued by the dynamic interplay between AI and the creative sectors. It promises to deliver enriching viewpoints and stimulating conversations.

Join us in this engaging dialogue with Simon, as we traverse the fascinating confluence of art, technology, and human creativity🔥

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