Navigating the Evolution of Social Crypto through Collaboration and Community Building with Reka

July 5, 2023

In our latest episode, Réka Medvecz, co-founder of Guild, joined us for a captivating conversation on the evolution of social crypto and the importance of community building in Web3. Reka shared her journey into the crypto world and the inspiration behind Guild, highlighting the value of communities and their unique token models. The discussion also touched on the evolving Creator Economy and Reka's views on AI, expressing both excitement and caution.

Reka also outlined her goals for Guild, focusing on improving the user experience and expanding educational resources. Overall, the conversation emphasized the significance of community building and collaboration in Web3, showcasing Reka's vision and dedication in empowering vibrant and inclusive communities.

Topics discussed include:

How did Reka get involved in the space
Guild’s evolution
How to build a great community
The rise of the culture of community
Evaluating the success of guild at the end of the year
How Reka balances tech and user experience
Artificial Intelligence and the future of social crypto
Reka's thoughts on the creator economy as a whole

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