To Larp Or Not To Larp? | Reggie James & Jay Share Views & Insights

June 7, 2023

We delved into a thought-provoking exploration of pseudonymity, “larping”, and the creation of new online spaces that foster creativity. We examined the pros and cons of on-chain role-playing, reputation management, and how signaling high curation can establish a strong online-offline recognition. Our focus was not only on criticizing web2 or idealizing decentralization but on freeing ourselves from prejudice and the numbing effects of the economy of attention. Embracing the diversity of our identities, aiming to cultivate a flow of creativity that sustains and liberates us.

Our esteemed speakers on this panel include:

Jay — Digital Artist and Community instigator at Forefront and MetaFactory
Reggie James — Co-Founder, and CEO of Eternal

✍🏻 What is Larping? When someone is pretending to be something they’re not. Can involve lying on social media/internet or lying in real life. Often used in a derogatory sense.Derived from the original meaning of LARP, Live Action Role Play. When you say that someone is larping and you’re not talking about the literal game, you are saying that they are role-playing in their actual real life.The advent of web3 promises a new era of ownership and safety for creators. How can we ensure that it delivers on its promise and that our digital footprint remains private, that we are not exploited, and that we can protect our creative work? Does web3 liberate us or entrap us in a more oppressive digital landscape?

Our research aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of this new era, investigating how to balance anonymity and recognition while preserving reputation and privacy.

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"Larping is like actualized fiction. It's not about lying but rather embodying the version of ourselves we've always desired. Avatars and the metaverse play a significant role in this. While the current notion of the metaverse falls short of expectations, people crave digital embodiment and active participation in immersive spaces. Avatars and objects serve as the foundation, offering a new mirror to explore different aspects of one's identity. Facebook's horizons, with its focus on photorealistic representations, misses the point. We seek infinite possibilities, not mundane realism..."