Online Identity And The Power Of Digital Objects With Eternal CEO Reggie James

March 9, 2023

In this episode of NEWFORUM, we were thrilled to have Reggie James, co-founder, and CEO of Eternal, as our special guest. Reggie's fascination with the next wave of identity and the evolution of social media led him to co-found Eternal with his partner. Initially, they focused on developing avatars and worlds on mobile with a raw Metaverse thesis, but the pandemic brought a shift towards supporting artists in the new tech landscape. Their platform combines ticketing and artist services to create a seamless experience for creators and fans alike. They have developed a 3D ticketing app and turned the avatar social product into a virtual venue, allowing artists to perform virtual shows and traditional live events.

Topics discussed include:

How did you come to founding a Eternal?

How do online identities evolve with the means of technology?

Media consumption vs consumption

Where do you see the ecosystem of Eternal evolving?

Building long-standing hard businesses

Creating intersectional beautiful objects

The metaverse as a new container for software

Getting emotionally attached to the things you build

The drawbacks of financial legibility

The value that comes with hospitality as humans

Enjoy this insightful conversation with Reggie James on the future of online identity and the impact of technology on the arts🔥

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