The Aestheticization of DAOs: Creative Energy Flow in Pluralistic Coordination

August 18, 2023

This research discussion aims to examine the emerging coordination mechanisms of creative flow in the web3 ecosystem, including DAOs, NFTs, SBTs, and protocols, as well as wider cultural coordination layers. We will analyze how these mechanisms create opportunities for cultural production by exploring the layers of meaning involved in these processes and outputs, and how they contribute to the aestheticization of the web3 ecosystem of creative coordination.

Our esteemed Speakers include:

Yana Sosnovskaya — Prev. Head of Zine at Zora & Press relations leader at FWB. Co-founder of PERFECT NUMBER (2017-2020).
Rafael Fernandez — Community Architect, former builder of Mirror DAO, founder of @folklore_0x and co-Founder of Local.
Steph Alinsug — Media Lead at Seed Club, member of Boys Club Eth.
Maria Paula Fernandez — Co-founder and COO at Juried Protocol Galleries LTD ( - Founder of @ethberlin, a former consultant for projects such as Polkadot, Gnosis, Melonport, Ethereum Community Fund, Golem, Akropolis, Concourse Open, Avalanche.

The best solutions for creative coordination in web3 are continually being refined. This session aims to delve into the current state of creative coordination flows in web3, with a particular focus on the use of emerging “on-chain creative proofs” that aim to signal the provenance, production, curation, and consumption of creative and cultural outputs.

We open up a new concept, “the aestheticization of DAOs”, as a research lens to assess wider cultural coordination layers that are emerging and affect the total creative activity of web3 communities.

As we explore the concept, it's worth noting that processes of aestheticization in web3 not only occur in DAOs, but also across several other emerging web3 coordination and curation protocols. Our discussion will loosely delve into the question of whether DAOs are the most effective coordination tool for creative outputs and analyze how studying processes of aestheticization in web3 can provide valuable insights into emerging coordination and curation mechanisms.

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"In the dynamic world of Web3, traditional cultural credentials seem to hold less sway. This is a realm where mutual nurturing and continuous learning are at the heart of every interaction. People from various backgrounds, including those without initial expertise in web technologies or entrepreneurship, find themselves growing and evolving through the shared wisdom and support of the community. My own journey in Web3 began without deep technical knowledge or as a founder, but the collective nurturing I received has been transformative. This phenomenon isn't unique to me; it's a common experience in this space. Embracing flexibility and being open to diverse skill sets are crucial in navigating and succeeding in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3..."