The Intersection Of Music And Web3: Opportunities And Challenges With Paul Tao

April 13, 2023

Meet Paul Tao, Founder of Iamsound and Event Lead at FWB. He is a music producer turned web3 enthusiast, who is revolutionizing the entertainment industry with blockchain technology.

Paul's passion for web3 was sparked during the early days of COVID, when he began researching the potential benefits of NFTs and their creator royalties. Since then, he has been experimenting with NFTs and introducing artists to the world of web3 through various exhibits and events. But for Paul, it's not just about the financial side of things, it's about the technology as infrastructure and supporting the community. Paul helps artists and creatives alike to harness the power of blockchain technology and build sustainable careers in the digital world.

Topics discussed include:

How he got into the music industry

Supporting creatives and creators

Paul's thoughts on NFTs impact on the music industry

How did he get involved with FWB?

sneak peek at the startup he’s working on

Bridging the gap between music and tech

The importance of artist vision and application of technology

Approach to reaching out to artists

The metaverse & music: importance of real-life identity vs online identity

Music industry: evolution of marketing & trends for artists

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