Mo'Casso, Founder Of The RAW DAO Talks About DAO Structures, Scaling & Onboarding

April 25, 2022

“One of the biggest things DAOs have is the treasury, so you are out here doing the initiatives to grow a treasury to fund your project. All it takes is a good structure; the same thing that a business has but now instead of one person making all the decisions, everybody is making decisions, and I think that’s where the shift changes…” — Mo’Casso

It was such an honor to have Mo’Casso, Founder of The RAW DAO, in yet another DAO centered episode of NEWFORUM. The Raw DAO is a platform structured to educate, network & transform physical to digital assets. We were super excited to talk with Mo’Casso about The RAW DAO,s mission and vision, the Learn to Earn concept and NFTs!

Mo’Casso is a physical designer and even wore a beautiful tie-dye t-shirt she made on NEWFORUM. Her design process begins with the physical tie-dye designs, transformed into a digital version where she makes patterns for her tie-dye and digital t-shirts and glow-in-the-dark bodysuits. She expressed that she realized that her niche was this concept of physical to digital. Mo’Casso began to build her brand around the notion of phygital, which organically transformed into a DAO.

“Everybody is going to need to go from physical to digital eventually, and I have this knack for onboarding, and I always find myself in one of those roles and that’s where the education and the networking comes in…” — Mo’Casso

Mo’Casso is passionate about teaching Creators to find a way to use their gifts and be a part of what is happening, and that is a goal that evolved into The RAW DAO.

“I realized that most people were not excited about Web3 because of abandoning all they know and have been doing so far, but I tell them, no, you do not have to do that. I tell them that you can do what you are doing- revolutionize it a little bit, digitize it- let us go global with it, and start thinking about what is happening and how you can be a part of that with what you are doing as well...” — Mo’Casso

We started the conversation by asking Mo’Casso to tell us about The RAW DAO and why she decided to explore the DAO side of Web3?

Mo’Casso explained that she came up with The RAW DAO concept. She was initially a part of another DAO called the Global Design Network- a DAO filled with designers from all over the world, powered by DIGITALAX, another ecosystem into fashion, gaming, and more. They had an initiative where the Designer could empower themselves and create their fashion brand in the Web3 space. Mo’Casso added that they enabled the designers with Smart Contracts, marketplace places, and everything they needed as a designer to get into the Web3 space. Although, she needed to figure out her niche and then proceed.


They are an ecosystem of educating, networking & transforming physical creations into digital assets.

Check out their linktree for more information!

Watch her full interview to hear more about her background, inspiration, The RAW DAO, its diverse Creators, members, and their innovative present and future projects!

Still, on the DAO side of Web3, we asked Mo’Casso about her thoughts on what she thinks is the essential factor to consider when building DAO structures and what were some of her challenges.

Mo’Casso shared that one of the most challenging processes is creating a team because she is still at ground zero, but the saving grace is a book club she started for women.

“I have been in Crypto for about three years now, and I started a discord for women to talk about everything women need to talk about and all these things women have to balance daily, and that turned into a book club…” — Mo’Casso

She added that a few women from the book club were interested in learning about Crypto and NFTs, so she told them about her idea for a DAO and asked them to come on and explore their talents and gifts. Mo’Casso proudly shared that one of those women got inspired by Digital Fashion and now makes digital versions of her hand-made jewelry. Mo’Casso had one of her physical earrings on.

The RAW DAO has a strong sense of community, and they all support each other’s projects, skills, and talents. Mo’Casso’s passion for The RAW DAO, designers and members is contagious. Be prepared to be convinced to join The RAW DAO after watching this episode and hearing Mo’Casso take us through their daily routine and activities.

We were curious to understand how The RAW DAO makes decisions ensuring everyone feels heard. The NEWFORUM Community wanted to know if it is possible to run an organization and have everyone say how things should be?

Mo’Casso answered that they have a community called Every Friday.

“ On our calls, we set goals together about where we need to be with our DAO; we have engineers for this website we are trying to build and these other ideas, so we ask engineers and strategists about their needs. Each of the five core teams puts out one or two tasks that the entire community can help complete to help us all start reaching our goal …” — Mo’Casso

Mo’Casso was transparent about how The RAW DAO approaches having effective and efficient decision-making in her full interview.

According to Mo’Casso, The RAW DAO aims to be the community to turn to when you decide to go physical to digital.

“We are trying to put ourselves in that position to do just that, so one of the things we do is going on all the platforms instead of just sticking to Twitter, that is considered Web3, but half of the community we are trying to reach is s still in Web2 …” — Mo’Casso

Mo’casso aims to meet Creators wherever they are in their transitioning journey into Web3 through education. The RAW DAO provides beginners with Web3 tools needed; to help them build a network within the space to be empowered to go physical to digital.

Where does Mo’Casso see the long-term purpose of DAOs, and what will they look like in the future?

“I think DAOs are one of the powerful tools coming out during this revolution…I think DAOs are one of those pillars that will show people that there is a better way to do things that were not working in the old system. I tell people that we are moving to this stakeholder economy where everybody putting in should then be able to get something out, and it doesn’t have to be this traditional investment system…” — Mo’Casso

Have you heard about the term Learn to Earn? Mo’casso helped us understand all about it in this episode of NEWFORUM.

Mo’Casso tells our community that Learn to Earn is like Play to Earn, Wear to Earn, all these different concepts.

“ We have all this education; trying to gamify this information that we are having so that people are enjoying while they are learning. Web3 and DAOs are all about incentives and making sure incentives are aligned, so it even has to go down to the learner making sure that they are receiving incentives to learn and keep learning…” — Mo’Casso

If you are interested in learning more about the Learn to Earn concept and how it works, watch this episode with Mo’Cassso. Mo’casso has a knack for onboarding; our community enjoyed hearing about her personable approach to onboarding and the vision and mission behind The RAW DAO. She also talked about the essential things to consider when building DAO structures and described her thoughtful approach to encourage more people to explore Web3 Digital Tools.

Mo’Casso defined what Physical to Digital and Learn to Earn mean from her perspective and why they are all so important as we revolutionize ourselves and work in a decentralized world. Finally, we chat about Mo’Casso’s opinion on the pros and cons of companies in the consumer sector entering new markets by leveraging the unique opportunities that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have to offer.

Enjoy this rich and juicy DAO-centered conversation with Mo’Casso on this episode of NEWFORUM!

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"I think DAOs are one of the powerful tools coming out during this revolution…I think DAOs are one of those pillars that will show people that there is a better way to do things that were not working in the old system. I tell people that we are moving to this stakeholder economy where everybody putting in should then be able to get something out, and it doesn't have to be this traditional investment system…"