Deciphering Web3 with Michael Sena & Irene Wu: Identity, Interoperability, and Beyond

October 20, 2023

In the latest must-watch episode of NEWFORUM, we invite you to a rich dialogue with Michael Sena and Irene Wu, two trailblazers shaping the contours of the Web3, identity, and interoperability domains. Michael Sena, co-founder of 3boxLabs (Ceramic Network), stands out as more than just a tech maven. He’s an ardent proponent of digital identity, passionately advocating for a world where individuals exercise true sovereignty over their online persona.

Parallelly, Irene Wu, Head of Strategy at Layer Zero is not just any tech visionary; she's a luminary striving for a Web3 ecosystem that mirrors the seamless, unfragmented beginnings of the internet.Michael, with his deep-rooted beliefs in the intersection of identity and interoperability, envisions a world where an individual's digital footprint is harmonious across platforms like Ethereum and Solana. Irene, drawing inspiration from the very inception of the internet, is on a quest to enable unhindered communication between distinct smart contract platforms.

In this deep-dive conversation, we'll traverse the intricate alleyways of the Web3 world. From Layer Zero's innovative journey in crafting Omni chain standards, the profound significance of data schemas in non-financial asset interoperability, to the art and science behind chiseling a delightful user experience — every insight is a revelation. Michael and Irene, with their unique perspectives, unravel the complex tapestry of money vs. mission in the crypto sphere, the transformative potential of blockchain, and the exciting prospects of decentralization in mainstream social media.

Dive into an episode that seamlessly weaves technology, Web3, identity, interoperability, and the future. 🔥

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