Understanding Web3 Graph with Michael Sena: Data Composability In Web3

March 1, 2023

Michael Sena, Co-Founder of 3boxlabs, and one of the inventors of the Ceramic Network, joined us on an episode of NEWFORUM. During the conversation, we learned more about Data Composability, the vision of Ceramic, and what Micheal meant by the data model of web3 is as graph, his views on trust and verifiable credentials, and general thoughts on the current web3 landscape.

Topics discussed include:

Michael’s journey into the space Ceramic's

Why is financial composability so important to users?

Crowdfunding and anti-civil protection

The data model of web3

How do you educate people in the space?

The two waves of adoption for blockchain

Bridging the gap between developers and end users

What’s coming up for Ceramic?

Michael's guilty pleasure in web3

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