Layer Of Trust: The Present And Future Of DeFi | Julien Bouteloup

November 16, 2022

NEWFORUM was honored to have Julien Bouteloup as a guest on another spectacular episode. Julien is the Founder of Rekt, BlackPool, Stake DAO, Stake Capital Group, and a core member of Curve Finance. In this episode, we learned more about his journey, what comes next for Stake Capital, as well as his views on the present and future of DeFi, among other things.

Curious about how Juliens got into web3 and got hooked? We asked him all the juicy questions about his journey in this episode of NEWFORUM.Julien tackled one of the most critical questions: why is decentralization important? Why should we push in that direction? He answered from his point of view as well as shared his perspective on a quote from CZ during Blockchain Paris week last month when CZ was asked about how he convinced people that didn't believe in Crypto, CZ answered that he didn't try to play piano for cows, meaning why waste time educating those that are really not interested - we were curious about Julien's approach to education when it comes to DeFi and Decentralization.

Julien previously mentioned what is revolutionary in DeFi is the protocol - he explained why and shared the origin story of Stake DAO and Stake Capital; mission, vision, and goals.

How does Julien recognise the 0.1% of interesting/good DeFi projects? What are the things he looks out for? Watch his full episode to hear his insightful answers.

Julien also shared his vision behind Stake Dao Academy and their approach to DeFi Education and more on this meaningful and intellectual episode of NEWFORUM.

Enjoy 🔥

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"The Blockchain technology is powerful, but it doesn't stop someone or huge powerful people from using it and to increase more damages in society, so we're building a tool that can either provide a better or a worse Society ever..."