The Future Of Music: LATASHÁ's Perspectives On Web3, Accessibility, And Artistic Identity

June 6, 2023

In this interview, LATASHÁ, a renowned artist and founder of ZORATOPIA, discussed various topics related to inclusivity, accessibility, and the future of music in the web3 landscape.

LATASHÁ emphasized the importance of open conversations about systemic issues faced by marginalized communities and the need for transformation in the music industry. Additionally, she shared her experiences with web3 projects and her thoughts on the accessibility of this emerging technology.LATASHÁ acknowledged the tendency to dismiss conversations about systemic issues as a victim mindset. However, she stressed that discussing such topics is not about victimization but rather a way to address the facts that are often pushed under the rug. Artists, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, are often gaslit and discouraged from speaking up. She expressed her fatigue with this suppression and highlighted the importance of raising awareness and driving change through open dialogue.

In conclusion, LATASHÁ insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities presented by web3 in the music industry. She emphasized the importance of open conversations about systemic issues and the need for transformation. As an artist, she exemplifies the potential of web3 platforms to empower creators and reshape the music landscape.

While acknowledging the current accessibility challenges, she remains hopeful about the future, envisioning a more inclusive and transparent music industry powered by blockchain technology.

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