Indexing Blockchain Data: A Vibrant Decentralized Future With The Graph

December 14, 2022

NEWFORUM was honored to have Kyle Rojas in an episode. Kyle oversees Global Business Development and Partnerships at Edge & Node. He is also a Core Dev Team working on The Graph. We discussed the importance of understanding Blockchain Data and what The Graph is working on- their vision, mission, goals, and more!

Kyle Rojas, a seasoned professional with a diverse background, has found a new calling in the decentralized world of web3. With 12 years of military experience and 7 years at Goldman Sachs under his belt, Kyle made the leap into the blockchain industry, joining The Graph as the Head of Business Development and Partnerships. In this role, he helps make The Graph a go-to platform for developers looking to build decentralized applications requiring blockchain data access.

The Graph is a decentralized data indexing and query network that makes it easy for developers to access and use blockchain data. It consists of several components: a decentralized network of indexers, a query API, and a web interface for querying data. The indexers run nodes that collect and store data from the blockchain in a way that makes it easily searchable. The query API allows developers to access the stored data and perform complex queries, while the web interface provides a user-friendly way to access the data stored on The Graph.

Since its launch in 2017, The Graph has grown rapidly, serving over 39 blockchain networks and processing up to 2 billion daily queries. It is widely used in the web3 space, powering many decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, data analytics platforms, and more. The success of The Graph is due to its status as a leading solution in the data indexing space, with its ecosystem serving as a reference in the industry.

Despite its impressive growth, The Graph recognizes that it is still early in its evolution and has an exciting roadmap ahead. Some of the most anticipated developments include sub-streams, which will increase indexing and syncing speeds, cross-chain data composability, which will allow for more collaboration among subgraph developers, and arbitrary layer two protocol integration, which will decrease the cost of interacting on the network. The Graph also plans to integrate a fiat on-ramp, making it easier for users to access the network and reducing price swings and volatility of the GRT token.

Kyle emphasizes that despite fluctuations in the market, The Graph's focus remains unchanged – to build a decentralized index and query layer technology that is accessible and effective for users. Whether you're a developer, indexer, or creator, The Graph has something exciting in store for you. With a seasoned professional like Kyle at the helm, The Graph is poised for continued growth and success in the world of web3.

" Working on The Graph, let's say the point of a decentralized network is to be autonomous instead of needing a certain number of teams in their interaction. And that is work that needs to be done eventually to truly abstract or subtract the teams building it right now. And make it an autonomous organization that can thrive and grows going forward with mathematical parameters that enable it to grow healthily. And not be sabotaged by anyone. So that's exciting. And that's never really happened in the world. And to be able to try to build something that's never been built is something that I've never experienced in my life. And it's so damn exciting, to be honest. And it just pumps me up jazzed all the time about it."- Kyle Rojas

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"On all the core Devs working in The Graph ecosystem, I love that in the bull market, at the peak of the bull market, and now in probably the depths of the bare market, nothing has changed nothing with regards to string focus from building out the most effective technology for decentralized and index and query layer, nothing's changed, and nothing probably will change unless we need to adapt and take small course corrections. Or if something massive happens, we do a significant course correction. But we have such a good roadmap right now we have so many huge launches coming up. And we're working on things that will come out, you know, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years from now that are just so exciting and important for the world."