Embracing The Modular Future With Jim Chang Co-Founder of Catalyst

May 17, 2023

Join us on Newforum as we delve into a captivating conversation with Jim Chang, widely known as 0xJim on Twitter and the Co-Founder of Catalyst—a groundbreaking cross-chain DEX for modular blockchains. With a remarkable background as a former product manager at Aave, Unstoppable Domains, Ripple, and a contributor to Gitcoin, Jim brings a wealth of expertise to our discussion.

In this episode, we explore Jim's profound insights on the immense potential of smaller blockchains and their capacity to overcome the limitations of existing systems. Our conversation begins by shining a light on the prevalent trend of constructing large-scale blockchains that aim to serve multiple purposes. While these all-in-one blockchains have their merits, they often confront the scalability trilemma—an intricate challenge involving trade-offs between speed, decentralization, and security.

Jim draws from his personal experiences, echoing the sentiments of many others in the Crypto space who have encountered these trade-offs firsthand, particularly during the all L1 era in early 2021.However, amid these challenges, Jim exudes optimism, driven by the emergence of modular blockchains as a potential solution to the scalability trilemma. He expertly unpacks the concept of modular blockchains, which involves untangling the functionalities of traditional blockchains into smaller, interchangeable components.

This revolutionary approach empowers developers to optimize each module for its intended purpose, paving the way for unparalleled scalability, decentralization, and security, without compromising any of these crucial aspects.Tune in to this enlightening episode as Jim shares his visionary perspective on shaping the blockchain landscape, unlocking a new era of innovation, and empowering users.

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