Identity, Privacy, Altcoins and the Future of Crypto with Jack Niewald, Founder of Crypto Pragmatist

December 22, 2023

We had the pleasure to chat with Jack Niewald, the Founder of Crypto Pragmatist early this summer. We explored the intricacies of the crypto through the lens of a seasoned professional in marketing, finance, and cryptocurrencies. Jack, with his rich experience in these fields, founded, an email newsletter dedicated to providing institutional-grade research and analysis on altcoins for retail investors.Jack also discussed the ethos behind Crypto Pragmatist and its significance in today's crypto landscape, and how he fell down the crypto rabbit hole.For those new to crypto investing,

Jack explains altcoins, their advantages, and challenges, and address the question: Are there really thousands of different altcoins?

We also focused on the target audience of Crypto Pragmatist and the vision for its future.Additionally, he touched upon intriguing topics like the analogy of the economy to a public restroom in the context of privacy, and government surveillance.

This episode also examines the role of blockchain in journalism and whether it could revolutionize traditional journalism practices.

Jack discusses his aim to spotlight new, underrated founders in the crypto space and the progress of this endeavor.

Enjoy this insightful and fun conversation 🔥

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