Identity In Web2 vs Web3: Sismo’s Vision For self Sovereign Identity With ZK Badges

April 19, 2023

Hadrien Charlanes, Founder of Sismo, joined us in an insightful episode of NEWFORUM. Hadrien is a Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, working around Ethereum since 2015. With a keen interest in security, privacy, and free will-enhancing technologies, Hadrien is an open-source contributor and a true innovator in the Crypto space.

Hadrien's journey into the Crypto world began when he stumbled upon the Bitcoin white paper. However, his fascination with the potential of startups and the emerging Ethereum ecosystem truly captured his attention.

Join us as we delve into Hadrien's vision for self-sovereign identities in Web2 vs. Web3 and the role of ZK badges in shaping the future of digital credentials🔥

Topics discussed include:

How did you become interested Crypto and web3?3:23

The difference between web2 and web3 identity5:52

How does Sismo fit into the web3 identity stack?8:00

Sismo allows users to aggregate and selectively reveal data12:55

ZK SBT badges explained17:33

The process of getting a badge19:34

Why Sismo choses collaboration over competition22:15

Hadrien's guilty pleasures outside Sismo

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