Use Cases for Decentralised Credentials: Status Quo and Future Applications of Credentials

May 18, 2023

We were honored to proudly presents our inaugural Web3 Graph Research panel, featuring renowned experts who are at the forefront of revolutionizing digital identity, credentials, and self-sovereign identity. In this exhilarating forum, we dived deep into the heart of the web3 revolution, exploring the present and future use cases of decentralized credentials. Join us as we unlock the transformative power of this groundbreaking technology and gain exclusive insights from trailblazing visionaries.

Our esteemed guests are leading the way in reshaping the decentralized technology landscape. We had the privilege of hosting:

  1. Evin McMullen - Visionary Founder and CEO of, and prominent member of BoysClub.eth. Evin shares their profound insights into the future of digital identity, pushing the boundaries of innovation and paving the way for a new era.
  2. Hadrien Charlanes - Brilliant Co-founder and Sovereign of Sismo, revolutionizing the concept of self-sovereign identity. Hadrien's expertise empowers individuals to take control of their own data and privacy in the web3 era, fundamentally transforming the way we perceive identity credentials.
  3. Nichanan Kesonpat - Exceptional Head of Platform at 1kx and a leading researcher on Digital Self-Sovereignty. Nichanan's invaluable contributions provide a comprehensive understanding of the emerging possibilities in decentralized credentials, paving the way for a future where individuals have full control over their digital identities.

Together with our panel of experts, we delved into the exciting world of decentralized credentials. This forum promises to uncover the limitless potential of this technology and shed light on its current and future applications. Discover how decentralized credentials enable secure and verifiable digital identities, revolutionize data ownership, and facilitate trust in various industries.

Don't miss this extraordinary forum as we explore the forefront of digital identity, credentials, and self-sovereign identity with the brightest minds in the industry🔥

Join the community and discover other founders and visionaries in the web3 community!

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"Let's discuss the importance of trusted data and attestations. Currently, attestations are like statements or digital gossip written by one party about another. We trust these statements based on our trust in the expertise of the party making them. It's a trust game, just like trusting credentials issued by a reputable authority over those created by a five-year-old with crayons. Trust is crucial in this context. Similarly, blockchains still rely on trust, such as ensuring the payment of electricity bills for miners and keeping node clients updated. Trust plays a significant role both in attestations and blockchain environments..."