Points Are Coming ~ New Crypto Cycle

January 8, 2024

Dive into an electrifying jam session featuring the pioneering minds shaping the future of Web3!

Join Evin from Disco, Michael from Ceramic Network, Billy from Intuition, Sofiane from Newcoin, and Graeme from Stack.so as they delve into the groundbreaking emergence of a new Web3 primitive.

This session is all about exploring how this innovative foundation is set to kickstart a fresh wave of innovation and adoption across the digital landscape, serving as a crucial platform to enhance value creation and collaboration in the Web3 ecosystem.

🚀💡 We're also shining a spotlight on the revolutionary Immutable Points Standard Protocol (IPSP) by Newcoin, a game-changer in building with points. Don't miss out on this open-source marvel that's paving the way for a more interconnected and value-driven online world.

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