Eshita Nandini Shares Her Views On The Future Of Crypto And What Lies Ahead For The Market

November 14, 2022

Eshita Nandini, Crypto Research Analyst at Messari, joined us on an episode of NEWFORUM. Eshita was previously a VC Fellow at Bloomberg Beta. Eshita is a Crypto enthusiast. We were excited to discuss the future of Crypto and what she foresees ahead for the Market.

What else did we discuss with Eshita, on this episode of NEWFORUM?
We read some of Eshita's articles on Web3, and she has a wide range of insights on the Web3 industry. We asked her to tell our Community how her Crypto journey began.

What is a VC Fellow? Eshita explains this in her full interview. She also discussed some trends and projects she is most excited about and why?

Eshita has written about NFTs and mentioned how they could shape industries like the Music industry. In her interview with us, she explained where lies the essential potential for NFTs.🎯We discussed Eshita's opinion on DAO scalability and the future of DAOs.

Currently, we see several strong Crypto blockchain communities such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana. We wanted to hear Eshita's thoughts on having a Multi-Chain future and Interoperability between these ecosystems.Our episode with Eshita concluded with her perspective on women stepping into technology. She also shared tips and advice from her learnings and experience.

Enjoy the insights in the full episode🔥

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"I'm really excited to see Investment DAOs become more of a thing and democratize investing for tons of people, which is hard to do in the real world, you have so many restrictions on who can invest in something and support founders, but I think in this way, this opportunity of upside allows more people to participate..."