Eric Hu On Clout Bombing, Inclusivity, And The Evolving Landscape Of Creative Expression

May 10, 2023

Eric Hu, a renowned Graphic Designer and creative professional, shares his insights on various aspects of the creative industry. Growing up in an immigrant community surrounded by diverse scripts and symbols, Eric's interest in design was influenced by his multicultural background. Early exposure to website design sparked his curiosity, leading him to pursue graphic design as a career. Attending art school was a pivotal decision for Eric, as it provided him with a unique lens through which to view the world.

In his conversation, Eric delves into the appeal of web3, highlighting how it harkens back to the early days of the internet when creativity flourished. He discusses the limitations imposed by current social media platforms, where creative freedom is compromised for popularity. Eric sees web3 as a potential solution, offering a canvas for artists and designers to express their artistic vision and passion without conforming to external demands.

Furthermore, Eric explores the impact of AI and web3 on the creative industry. While acknowledging both the positive and negative effects, he dismisses the notion that AI will replace traditional art forms. Eric emphasizes the need for artists to take ownership of their work in this technological landscape, recognizing the economic challenges that may arise but also the potential for artists to explore multiple skills and embrace new forms of expression.

In the conversation, Eric also addresses the intersection of clout bombing, curation, and inclusivity in the creative industry. He critiques the trend of collecting individuals for campaigns or projects, highlighting the diminishing value of individual works and the lack of genuine inclusivity. Eric advocates for the importance of having a point of view and being intentional in creative endeavors to foster true diversity and inclusivity.

Lastly, Eric expresses excitement about the evolving use cases of technology in the art space. He discusses the maturation of technology, the growing infrastructure, and the potential for new and exciting applications. Eric emphasizes the need for inclusivity in the NFT space and expresses interest in exploring zines as a medium for artistic expression. He looks forward to the emergence of standalone NFT apps that push the boundaries of interactivity in the art world.

Through his multifaceted insights, Eric Hu provides a thought-provoking perspective on the creative industry's evolution, the potential of web3, the impact of technology, and the importance of inclusivity and authenticity in artistic endeavors.

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"Curation has become a powerful tool for providing context and education. Over the years, technology has democratized this practice, allowing more people to engage in it. However, with this democratization, we have also witnessed a rise in poor curation. By 'bad curation,' I mean the shallow collection of moodboards or simply chasing vibes without delving deeper or giving proper credit. Sadly, many individuals have grown accustomed to subpar curation. That's why exceptional curation becomes all the more important—it enables people to appreciate and understand a piece of art even without prior context. The way curation shapes our perception of artwork is significant. It's almost like a dying art form in itself. Nevertheless, in the realm of web three, curation is a two-way street. We are still in the early stages of the web three space, and it remains somewhat like the wild west..."