Digital Fashion: Self-Expression & Sustainability | DRESSX

November 30, 2022

We had the pleasure of interviewing Olga Chernysheva, Chief Sustainability Officer at DRESSX, and Julian Rosilio, Head of Growth & NFT Curator at DRESSX. We talked about how Digital Fashion is changing how we express ourselves and the sustainability impacts through the DRESSX app.

DRESSX is the most prominent digital fashion store that carries 3D clothing collections from the most well-known contemporary brands born in the physical and digital worlds. The amount of clothing produced today is much more significant than humanity needs.

Watch the full episode to hear what inspired the "why" behind DRESSX on this episode of NEWFORUM.

Olga Chernysheva, Chief Sustainability Officer at DRESSX, also discussed why Digital Fashion is so important in driving the Fashion Industry forward, the benefits, and the Sustainability aspect of Fashion.

"It's imperative right now to educate this next generation of the people in the Fashion Industry and to shape this fashion industry..."
- Olga

We discussed the most exciting part about DRESSX and Digital Fashion right now, the challenges they face with adapting Digital Fashion Tools.

Julien, Head of Growth & NFT Curation, also shared views on NFTs, Gaming, VR, and AR transforming Fashion Businesses of the future.

"Day-to-day usable consumable and a tool to identify yourself and differentiate yourself from the crowd is the wearable; it's Digital Fashion, and this is why it's growing super fast..." - Julien

The episode concluded with Olga and Julien sharing how they see DRESSX and Digital Fashion evolve in the future, an exciting educational project they are working on, and more on this episode of NEWFORUM.

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"With the production of digital items, we don't use any water. However, in the production of physical goods, we need water, for example, 3000 liters to create a simple cotton t-shirt or about 7000 liters to produce a pair of jeans, so this is the second parameter. Then, of course, the environmental issue is the physical waste at the end of the life of the physical goods; however, with digital items, you just archive your photo on your drive or on your Cloud, so we are preventing the items from ending up on the landfill. Most of our clothes now contain polyester, which is basically plastic and is not biodegradable and creates tiny pieces of microplastics that enter the ocean, so with Digital Fashion, we avoid all these at the end of the life of the items..."