DeFi For Africa: Crypto Use Cases Enabled By Kotani Pay

November 24, 2022

We were excited to have the CEO and Co-Founder of Kotani pay Felix Macharia on this episode of NEWFORUM. Kotani Pay is a Blockchain on-ramp/off-ramp service that offers African SMS phone users access to Blockchain Financial Services.

Felix has worked in various roles in the African Blockchain space since 2016, including as a researcher for the institute of Blockchain Studies, Co-Trustee of the African Digital Asset Framework (ADAF), and Co-Founder of proof of stake node validator EOS Nairobi.

"We would like to see Blockchain and web3 move from theory to actual practice inclusion for Africa; many people talk about financial inclusion for Africa, for their bank, but what are the use cases?"- Felix

Felix shared the origin story of Kotani pay and the challenges faced when accessing Blockchains in Africa both from a user interface/device perspective and a payments perspective? (USSE) and Kotani's approach to bridging the gap and more!

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"We would like to see more Africans benefit from web3 and the Metaverse, whether it's DeFi or NFT marketplaces; we have artists in Africa, and we want to see them connected and benefiting from these Global Trends, and that is our desire."