The Intersection of Identity, Reputation, & Community: A Deep Dive with David Phelps, Reka, and LDF

October 3, 2023

Welcome to this research forum episode of NEWFORUM, as part of our special 'Identity Hackathon' series.

We were joined by:

🌐 David Phelps, the visionary co-founder of Jokerace, often hailed as "the thought leader with a crystal ball".

πŸŒ€Reka, the mastermind behind Guild, renowned as the "master of organized chaos".

πŸ’ƒ LDF (Let's Dance Forever), a pivotal force in the "girl economy", native internet builder, and a prominent member of Boys Club.

In this open forum, we tackled the intricate topics of identity, reputation, and the essence of community β€” powerful yet elusive concepts. We explored both the present and future of these themes, understanding what truly ignites the passion of our esteemed guests in this space.

Topics discussed include:

Web2 vs. Web3: Unpacking Identity & Reputation

Identity in Jokerace, Guild & Boysclub: Web3's Take

The Web2 to Web3 Onboarding Bridge

Navigating Reputation in Web3

David's Take: Is Money Web3's Core?

David, Reka, LDF: Online vs. IRL

Live Audience Q&A

Dive in to hear insights from Reka, LDF, and David!

Join the community to learn more about our guests and discover other founders and visionaries in the web3 community!

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