Unlocking The Potential: Cooper Turley's Insights Into Web3's Impact On The Music Industry

May 30, 2023

Cooper Turley, is a music NFT expert, advisor, angel investor, curator, Co-Founder of Friends With Benefits and partner at Variant and Founder of Coop Records.

Join Cooper, a prominent figure in the web3 space, as he shares his expertise on crypto, NFTs, and the future of the music industry in this episode of Newforum. Explore how NFTs are revolutionizing the revenue model for artists, creating deeper connections with fans, and providing unique opportunities for emerging musicians.

Gain insights into the evolving landscape of web3, and discover the exciting potential of consumer products that encourage NFT minting. Get ready for an engaging conversation filled with valuable insights and a glimpse into the future of music in the digital age 🔥

Topics covered in this episode includes:

The current state of the music NFT space

The future of NFTs, and how early collectors are rewarded in the market

How AI is going to change music forever

How the offline world is essential to building great community

Why NFT is the most compelling use case for a record label

How reputation and trust matters in online creativity

Building reputation and trust is a delicate balance

The disconnect between money and creativity

What Cooper is most excited about in the future

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