Insights on Art's Evolution: Curation, NFTs, and Decentralization with Colborn, Fanny and Stina

July 13, 2023

Colborn Bell, the founder of MOCA, Fanny Lakoubay, the founder of LAL Art, and Stina Gustafsson, an independent curator and art strategist with a focus on art and blockchain joined us in our recent forum discussion. Each shared their unique insights into the evolving art market in the digital age. They discussed curation, the rise of NFTs, the challenges and opportunities they present and the Complexities of Decentralization.

The panelists also emphasized the importance of long-term viability, responsible ownership, and community engagement. They also highlighted the role of platforms and collectors in discovering and supporting artists. The conversation touched upon the need for a balanced approach to accessibility and thorough exploration in the digital art space. Furthermore, they explored the concept of decentralized curation, recognizing the challenges posed by the fast-paced digital world and wealth concentration. The guests emphasized the importance of trust, expertise, and alternative models for a thriving and inclusive artistic ecosystem.

Overall, they stressed the significance of expertise, critical thinking, and collaboration in navigating the evolving paradigms of decentralization and centralization in the art world and much more!

Topics discussed include:

Clicks vs collectors, digital art vs collectability

Tapping into ownership at scale

Ownership comes with responsibility

How many artists have started to make money off their art?

The value of collecting on a platform

Decentralized curation vs traditional curation

The value of having a representative democracy

Views on "Towards a Recentralized Center" by Balaji

Core value of the curator51:21 The difference between galleries and auction houses

The problem with talent agencies and art fairs

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