The Future Of A Collaborative Creative Economy With Austin Robey

March 29, 2023
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Austin Robey is a founding member of Metalabel and a passionate advocate for collective internet culture and new models for online creative economy. Metalabels are release clubs where groups of people with the same interest drop and support creative work together.

With a background in design and music, Austin approaches entrepreneurship through an organizational design lens, striving to create more democratic and equitable organizations. His work with the cooperative platform Ampled led him to explore the possibilities of web3 for collective ownership and governance. Austin is excited about the potential for creative people to form self-sufficient community networks and economies. With Metalabel, he supports creative groups who come together with a common purpose to release work and sees the future of online creator economy as one of mutualism, solidarity, and collaboration.

Topics discussed include:

How did you get into design and entrepreneurship?

Yancey’s perspective on Metalable6:59 What is the next stage of the creative economy?

Mistakes being made in solidarity economics

What is Ampled?

Community governance and token voting

Water & music and song camp

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

What do you think about Soulbound tokens and credentials?

Enjoy the insights in the conversation with Austin Robey about the vision and mission of Metalabel: supporting collaborative releases and transforming the Creative Economy and more🔥

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