Insights On Blockchain, DAOs, Privacy, And The Future Of The Internet With Aaron Wright

March 22, 2023

We were pleased to have Aaron Wright on this episode of NEWFORUM. Aaron is the Co-Founder at Tribute Labs, The LAO Official, FLAMINGO DAO, and a professor (on leave) at Cardozo School of Law.

We explored the significance of coordination, privacy, and DAOs in Web3, discussing open source, Blockchain, and the future of the Internet. Aaron also talked about the birth and evolution of multiple DAOs he started, and his overall insights on navigating the complexities of the Crypto Ecosystem.

Topics discussed include:

Aaron's background: Web3/Crypto journey

Open Law’s early days

Navigating DAOs and the Tribute Labs ecosystem

Shifting to a more democratic model of investing

Aaron's views on identity and privacy

Blockchain credentialing and incentivization

The drawbacks and virtues of reputation and online identity

Optimization is great over-optimization

How far do we go with the metaverse?

What the members are interested in across the DAOs

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