A Conversation With Steph Alinsug About The Power Of DAO’s And Web3 Communities

March 18, 2022

Steph Alinsug honored us with their brilliant and convivial self on this episode of NEWFORUM. Steph is known as Cryptohun3y on Twitter. They are a storyteller, designer, and coordination obsessed; completely in orbit in Web3 — They are storytelling at Seed Club, building Twoplus DAO (their DAO), and thinking about the edges of coordination and governance at Orca Protocol.

Steph has such a distinct and diverse background. There is the professional story where they went to college to become a Food Writer and always had the desire to commit to the idea of being creative in producing something of value and meaning to the world. Steph’s interest in food led to their interest in Sustainable Farming, which led to a career path in Goat Farming for about four years. While working at the Goat Farm, they actively managed significant-sized dairy herds throughout the U.S.

“Managing a dairy herd is essentially managing a business; in some ways, it’s like managing a DAO because you have about a hundred contributors who show up for work and need guardrails, and they have their own needs and desires and wants. I am talking about the herd itself- but through that, I discovered my love of Design and Storytelling …’ — Steph

We liked their analogy comparing their experience managing the farm to the characteristics and needs of a DAO. So was this how they fell down the rabbit hole? How did it happen for them?

Steph’s partner had been slowly but surely exposing them to Web3 content. That is how their Web3 journey began.

“I listened to an episode of a16z; their NFT episode. I listened to that episode twice; over the course of 48 hours. When I listened to it the first time, I thought this is an interesting sort of corner of the world- this technology piece and what it’s enabling seems really interesting…” — Steph

The second time Steph listened to it, they started drawing maps on their kitchen whiteboard to connect Blockchain protocols with implications of various types of tokens and where DeFi sits. While mapping out the space, they stumbled upon the idea of DAOs. They shared that DAOs at the time were now emerging into the wider public consciousness.

“I immediately had legibility on them because I realized that in my previous life- pre-Web3 life, I had attempted to start a DAO without knowing it was a DAO and of course without having the technology to enable the collective ownership over this thing that I was trying to instigate…” — Steph

They continued talking about their excitement for DAOs, saying they were overwhelmed with pure excitement that we now have Blockchain Technology that can enable coordination that they admit didn’t feel possible before- technology that incentivizes innovative ownership and coordination. Connecting the dots, Steph began to realize this is what was missing for them, as someone who loves curation and connecting communities.

“I think as a DAO space, as DAO operators; the design challenge is on us to bring hyper clarity and transparency to everything that we’re doing, how things work who is empowered to make what decisions…” — Steph

So what is DAO? Our community enjoys hearing all the different perspectives and meaning our fabulous guests bring to the Web3 conversation. Steph is particularly passionate about the principle and ethos of DAOs, so it was natural that the NewForum hosts were eager to hear their thoughts on DAOs.

Steph expressed to our community that the way they answer that question evolves every day, and we get why! They were kind enough to share their most current definition of a DAO on NewForum.

“A DAO is a container that enables novel modes of human coordination and governance around a shared purpose that is enabled by Blockchain Technology…” — Steph

They expounded on their definition by saying there are specific tools used in the space to enable a DAO, and then there are also the theoretical concepts.

Steph dived deep into their definition of DAOs in their full interview.

When it comes to proper Web3 on boarding, Steph is constantly thinking about how they can create a sense of legibility and resonance for the people with whom they are already in a relationship.

“Because I have built all of these beautiful relationships in the space, and I feel excited to bring along all my people…” — Steph

Steph told the NEWFORUM hosts that the question we need to answer is how to bring people into the space in a way that’s meaningful and responsible.

Watch their full interview to hear all their brilliant ideas and suggestions about how we can improve the on boarding process in Web3. Their philosophical approach to defining a DAO and how DAOs empower creators and all things DAOs & Web3 Communities on this episode of NEWFORUM!

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“I think as a DAO space, as DAO operators; the design challenge is on us to bring hyper clarity and transparency to everything that we’re doing, how things work who is empowered to make what decisions…”